Wednesday, June 30, 2010

early morning runs.

inspiration: i've started running outside early in the morning.

so i'm training for a 5K :) and i've started running outside more just to get used to running and fighting the elements and such. this morning was a perfect day to run. a bit cool outside (perfect for a run), but a gorgeous day nonetheless ;)

it's almost become a second nature to get up early to run on mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, and saturdays because it gives me the jump-start i need to begin my day.

but lately, i've been feeling like i need to do the same thing for my spiritual life. i have gotten out of practice when it comes to spending my quiet time with God. i put it off, and put it off because i have "too much other stuff to do". i'm being blessed with so much, but i feel like i don't give enough back to the Kingdom.

i just need some prayer and spiritual motivation. i'm not a morning person, generally. nor am i really a "runner". but if i can get up in the morning and go run, why can't i give more to the Kingdom??

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