Monday, June 28, 2010

days go by.

inspiration: i haven't blogged in a couple days (shame on me), but i have definitely been praising God for all His amazing blessings in my life :)

Note: this is a sporadic blog post because i'm trying to just remember all the blessings i want to express!! :)

i've been hanging out a lot with brooke the past few days because she is leaving for Austria the day after tomorrow, so i won't see her for a month :( but hanging out and spending time with her has definitely been a bright blessing in my summer thus far. we've both grown so much in our spiritual and personal lives since we first met almost three years ago (crazy!) and i think i'm just so amazingly blessed to still be friends with her :)

yesterday was sunday and i served in the Grace Acres playroom. that was fun :) the sermon yesterday was really good. i definitely need to make time to really reflect over everything that was discussed...
brooke, kelsey, laura and i went to sweetberry after church and it was AMAZING!!

last week, i started an "envelope" system for my money management. except for groceries, everything i bought i used cash for and kept my receipts (when they gave them to me) and wrote everything down. i definitely was able to curb a lot of "impulse" buys doing that. tonight when im at work, i'll be analyzing what i bought and how i spent my money and start making a plan for this week :)

this morning, i successfully jump started brooke's car. :) another skill to add to my short list of skills. :)

today, i had a meeting with two of the Grace Community staff members. i'm doing some freelance web design work for them for a new "project" they're working on called Next. i'm super super super stoked about it! :) it will definitely be, i think, my way of serving the church I love with the talents that God has definitely blessed me with. I already serve in Grace Acres (and i LOOOVE it), but this is definitely another opportunity to shine the love and blessings of God through my talents :)

the days keep flying by. i'll be finished with my online class soon (woohoo!). i'll be back in school before i know it, finishing my last semester! college has been a crazy, beautiful, hectic, amazing ride of my life! :) i love it and i'm going to miss it come december, but i know that God has other amazing plans for me and i will embrace the journey that follows college :)


  1. You have such a good attitude about post-college life! I love it! You inspire me to quit being so pessimistic.

    Girl you are a HUGE blessing to me. God knew exactly what he was doing when he put us together as roommates, and I love him all the more for it!

  2. Brooke, you have grown so much since we first met freshman year. We've been through so much, good, bad, and ugly. But you truly are one of the best friends I've ever had :)

    *insert goofy face here*

    ily, fo' rilly!

    And God definitely knew what He was doing :) He knew we would need each other through the good days and bad. He knew we would need the laughs, the tears, the farts, and the slurps. The songs, the raps, the music, the youtube videos. It all works together to glorify Him through our friendship :)