Wednesday, June 30, 2010

crazy love.

inspiration: where my heart is.

i just blogged not thirty minutes ago about wanting to give more to God. this is very true, but i know that i give more to the Kingdom than i give myself credit for. i serve and i spend time with friends glorifying Him indirectly through those relationships. but i just feel like i don't spend enough time with Him, per se.

i'm about to re-read Crazy Love again, for the ump-teenth time (actually, this will only be the third). but i feel like if i can get back into the habit of reading again (and reading things that aid my relationship and walk with Christ), then i will be more content with where i am in my walk.

i know it's not about the things i do. after all it's not about good works, it's about grace and the fact that we've been redeemed. (Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 3:24) it's about our hearts and our intentions. but i definitely need to get to a place where i feel like i am being all that i can be for Christ. and right now, i feel like im just going through the motions and enjoying my blessings, but not enjoying the One who is blessing me.

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