Thursday, June 10, 2010


inspiration: it's amazing how God orchestrates everything. it's beautiful.

it's crazy how much has changed in my life since last year.
if i'm being honest, this time last year, i was MISERABLE. i never would've admitted it, but i was. happiness was forced for me, my spiritual life was in shambles, the relationship i was in was horrible, i was tired, worn down, defeated, and hopeless. again, i never would've admitted how exhausted mentally and emotionally i was. in fact, i never realized how exhausted i was until just now thinking back.

but now i'm probably the happiest i've ever been in my life. and i take credit for none of it. it's all God's workings; all His blessings; all His glory at work in me.

last year, i had what, on paper, was a "beautiful life". a boyfriend i loved, two jobs i enjoyed, plenty of money! but in reality, i was tired of being let down.

this year, i have infinitely more blessings than i can count! i'm single, i'm sort of a workaholic (but in a good way) and i'm broke. but i have something worth more than all that combined and multiplied by a billion: a relationship with Christ that's worth more than gold!! i have dedicated my life and heart to Him!

He has blessed me with a wonderful mixture of opportunities and they all work together so well to bring out the best of me, but more importantly, the best of my God! i work three jobs: Registration/Orientation Assistant (I absolutely LOVE it. there are long days and high-stress situations that arise at every summer welcome, but it's such a great opportunity to meet people and support my school); Admissions office (where I am blessed with the most awesome friend/mentor/co-worker, Sharon!); Mary's Music (which is the easiest job ever! i am so lucky to have been blessed with it!).

i have the greatest church home ever! i love volunteering at check-in with Grace Acres. seeing those preschoolers come in every week excited to learn about Jesus has absolutely changed my heart and disposition towards kids. no longer am i scared of them and no longer do i have the mindset of "idk if i want kids..."; now i love seeing them and i can't wait to have my own someday (a day FAR in the future!!)

God has definitely been hard at work over the past year, reshaping, revamping, and molding me into the child He wants me to be. :) i'm so blessed, it's ridiculous.

every opportunity comes together to bring His name glory.

"Yes, Lord, walking in the way of Your truth, we wait eagerly for you. For your name and renown are the desire of our souls." -Isaiah 26:8

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