Friday, May 14, 2010

to my friend, brooke

inspiration: brooke. is. weird. but i 'ily' her anyways.

It came to me this morning (and unfortunately, I didn't have time to write about it when it came, so bear with me as I try to collect all the thoughts I had earlier) about how absolutely BLESSED beyond belief I am with all the amazing friends in my life. But today, I want to give a shout-out to my homegirl, Brookeulus.

We've been BFFLs** ever since freshman year when she said this:
"Remember that APSU1000 survey we took today? Well, because you're my roommate, I was able to say that I interact with someone of a different race 'on a daily basis'."

(NOTE: We had known each other less than 48 hours. That's how intense our friendship was and still is.)

Brooke and I made our first attempt at cooking last night. It was quite entertaining and turned out to be a decent meal. Neither one of us cook or really know how to cook (although, we did do a pretty darn good job making fettuccini alfredo, if I do say so myself). But we enjoyed our pasta + jello and had some deep conversation.

We really for the first time in a very long time actually opened up to one another. We hang out all the time, and most of the time, we're just obnoxiously poking fun at each other and goofing off and being "us", but it was actually incredibly relieving to be able to open up to one another about our pasts and hurts and stuff. There are things I had been hiding from her for so long, and I felt almost silly for not having told her a long time ago. After all, we're BFFLs!

But we both opened up and shared some of our past mistakes and our fears and apprehensions about things in the future. We both allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, and that hadn't happened in a really long time! But I feel like it really bonded us :) I know from my perspective, I took her for granted a lot. But our conversations last night really helped me realize the true VALUE of her friendship and honesty. I think, both finally realized it. Not only are we able to laugh things off and to enjoy the simple things, like sidewalk chalk and jello. But we also have the close-knit bond and can have serious, deep, conversations that are heavy and we're supportive of one another.

Of course, we had our numerous "we're special" moments (**CLASSIC!**), but yesterday really showed me what true friendship looks like.

I'm so blessed to have a friend like Brooke, as well as all my other friends who came into my life, literally, at the right time when I needed them most. I've been through so much, but I've been absolutely blessed with girlfriends who are always supporting me and lifting me up to Christ and keeping me strong in Him and His love. It's amazing and a blessing. :)

So to my dearest and closest sisters-in-Christ and especially to Brooke-ulus,

You girls are hardcore awesome. I'm so blessed to know you! Ily* fo' rilly

*ily - I love you ;)
**BFFL -- best friend for life

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