Friday, May 28, 2010


inspiration: life.

i want to remember how blessed i feel right now. on bad days in the future, i want to look back on the "happy days" and know that blessings are abound. sometimes, i have to look beyond all the negatives and create my own silver lining in a dark thunderstorm cloud.

but today has been an awesome day. i think the entire cloud is made of silver today :) ((well, it kinda literally is considering is thunderstorming...=P)

so in a brief "snapshot".

--3 jobs. 2 at APSU and i start my new job at Mary's Music on Tuesday
--i'm dogsitting for a friend of mine this weekend. loving it :)
--serving an amazing Lord! this is my "off" weekend to serve in Grace Acres, but im definitely blessed to be a part of an amazing church body who is in love with Christ.
--amazing friends.
--happiness is abound. i have plenty of smiles to share.
--i've marked off my to-do list for the day. sometimes that's hard to do, too.
--finding more and more contentment with singleness. it's hard sometimes to see the light at the end of the tunnel of singleness. but i know that God has someone for me and He will bless me with this man on His timetable. i want to be patient. i want to prepare my heart for him. i want it to be a sensational Christ-centered love. a relationship won't just form overnight, so i can't expect it to be just given to me overnight either.

im blessed to be where i am.
so many long hard-fought battles have taken place in order for me to get here. to a place of overwhelming joy and happiness :)
God is doing amazing things in my life.

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