Sunday, May 30, 2010

in with the new.

inspiration: new things in my life :)

im attempting to make small changes in my life. changes to improve my health, wallet, well-being, etc.

1. i started a beginners walking/running plan today.
im completely out of shape. you may not be able to tell by just looking at me; but trust me, it's bad! my endurance and stamina are pretty much non-existent. true story.

Beginners Running Program 1.

gotta start somewhere, right?!
started another blog: See. Nikki. Run.
(i know. im prob a little too obsessed with blogging...)

2. i bought my last "new" thing today.
beginning on june 1 (tuesday) through december 31 (end of the year), i am only buying things from thrift/consignment stores. i feel like this will help curb my spending on clothes. i know that "hidden treasures" can be found at places like Goodwill, Newspring Thrift Store, Plato's Closet, etc. (btw, if you know of any other thrift/consignment/secondhand stores, let me know!)

i spend way too much money on things i don't really need. and if i do need it, then i can certainly find it elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

(i do, however, reserve the right to buy under clothes and swim suits new. but i did buy a swim suit today and i have one from last year, so that will definitely do through this season :))

3. starting a new job on tuesday.
a good friend of mine has been absolutely blessed with an amazing teaching opportunity. i'm taking over her job at mary's music. this is a great opportunity because it will give me a little extra money every week for essentials (food, gas, tithe, etc.), not to mention, my friend has been blessed beyond measure with her dream job!

4. become better with money, in general
i want to become better with money. im awful with it. i need to start planning for the future. money is a huge factor in relationships, and while im not intending to try and get married anytime soon (although, that is totally something i'm trusting God whenever He wants it to happen, it'll happen ;)), i know that i want to be "financially healthy" when the time comes to factor someone else in... in with the new! :)
encouragement is greatly appreciated :)


  1. way to go Nikki! I'm so proud of you for wanting to be better financially stable NOW instead of later on... (i'm a banker's kid, so I got a bit of a head start, but it also helps that it's just in my nature to save save sometimes I go a little too far! maybe you can help me by making sure I actually SPLURGE every now and then)


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