Wednesday, May 19, 2010

friendship: the glue of life

inspiration: when you're inspired, you just run with it.

i wrote a post yesterday about wanting to be inspired. i've had writers' block for a few days and i've missed blogging. but i had a prayer answered and inspiration hit me when i got into my car after hanging out with a few friends this afternoon.

i had lunch with three friends today (which was a lot of fun :) they'll possibly be roommates soon and needed to meet. i definitely hope everything works out for them. afterwards, morgan and i went to plato's closet and we had a discussion on the way back. at that point, i was struck with an idea about something to blog about. when i got back to my car, two songs came on the radio. and when i heard the second song start to play, i KNEW that it was definitely inspiration hitting me!

last week, i wrote this blog about one of my best friends. ( to my friend brooke). today, i'm branching off that topic into a much more general topic about the strength and importance of friendship, especially the latter.

a few months ago, i went through a devastating breakup. so many emotions were involved and i overcame a lot throughout the whole process. but i know that i could NOT have accomplished that without being surrounded by a community of girls who love me and have really helped me keep my focus on Christ, the only man who will NEVER let me down and who i can instill all my trust in will full confidence!!!

the community group pastor at Grace Community Church, Ben Reed, (read his blog here: Life and Theology) posts a lot about the importance of community groups, especially in the realm of accountability and love and grace and friendship, in general. i feel like over the past few months, i've taken a lot of my friendships and community groups for granted. i realized that today.

i know that probably a lot of people are going through tough times and don't have a "community group" where they can go and talk about their struggles. i don't know where i would be had i not been blessed with an amazing community group (at the exact right time, may i add) to help me overcome my relationship woes. i don't know where i would be without "woman club" to help keep me grounded through all my trials and tests.

friendship is biblical.
Eve was created as a companion for Adam because God knew it wasn't good for man to be alone. Jesus had his disciples with whom He spent a great amount of time with. friendship allows us to grow and connect with others in a way that we couldn't do alone. i know that the friendships that i've developed over the past year have brought me closer to Christ and have strengthened my faith in trust in the Creator God. i hope and pray that through my friendships, Christ may be glorified.

friendships are amazing and friendships are important.
it took me a while to come up with a title (and i know how cheesy it is), but i really do think they are the glue of life. we bond with friends and we endure hard times with friends. they are what keep us sane. i treasure each and every one of my friendships and i hope to never take them for granted. ever again.

two awesome songs:

"We Need Each Other" by Sanctus Real
i can't imagine a life without friends.

"God Gave Me You" by Dave Barnes
i've been blessed with so many friends that mean the world to me. through thick and thin, the true ones have stuck with me. and for that, i praise God for such an amazing support system :)

i pray that God would use me to be a good friend to everyone. and i pray that He has blessed you with amazing friends with which to make many memories and to glorify God :)

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