Wednesday, April 14, 2010

when will this pain subside?

inspiration: =[

im constantly reminded of how deep wounds can cut into one's soul. one of my best friends made this analogy and i think it's very true: our times of brokenness are like scars. we have that physical representation of our pain. we'll never forget it. but the scar represents the healing.

i, however, feel like i have lots of open wounds that i haven't healed from yet. i try so hard to be content with where i am right now, but honestly im not. i havent found healing yet. i havent found true peace yet. im broken and so vulnerable. im tired of feeling this emotional pain. i wish it would just go away.

time heals all wounds.
i know it. im sick of hearing it, to be honest.
it's been six months, you'd think i'd be over it.
...but im not. =[

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