Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a walk to remember.

inspiration: ...not to be confused with the cheesy Nick Sparks book/movie =P

so these past few days have been beyond amazing.
i *again* took the initiative to let go of someone (the same someone) who i have been consumed by for the last six months. ive found that letting go is hard, but once i've walked away and am in God's full presence, that life seems to go much more smoothly than when i'm trying to hold onto the reigns.

in the past four days, i've:

1. served others
2. worshiped more fully
3. laughed more frequently
4. spent time with friends
5. stressed less
6. had some prayers answered
7. slept better (except for the fact i was awake at 1AM texting a friend =P)
8. relaxed
9. been more productive
10. strengthened myself and my faith

today, i did something ive wanted to do for a long time, but never actually just done. i left my apartment and just walked. down the street. no tiemframe. no cares. no direction (except to end up back at my apartment). i timed myself. i walked for 43 minutes. i ended up walking a loop of about 2.3 miles: starting at my apartment, down memorial, down allendale, onto madison, and back down richview. it was time spent just de-stressing, talking to God, praying, praising, thinking (and when i got to madison street, a lot of praying that cars wouldn't hit me...next time, i know just to loop back up another street to memorial instead of walking along madison street. less traffic)

it was a beautiful day. the time i walked was later in the afternoon, so it wasn't very hot. it was perfect. im sure my legs will be exerting their hatred for me full force, but it won't change the fact that i'm finally at peace with everything.

im finally freeeeeee!!! :)
i'm allowing God to be the Navigator. i'm letting Jesus take the wheel (which reminds me of a "Big Bang Theory" quote: "Yes, mother, I'll buy it on 'the I-Tunes'" - Sheldon). im letting Him write my love story. i'm making Him the center of my life. and so far it's day four, and i'm feeling great! (now i just sound like a SunTrust bank commercial =P). but it's very true. there is no greater peace than being at peace with God's plans for me :)

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