Thursday, April 15, 2010

things to be thankful for. :)

inspiration: i was strong today.

today was a great day! :)
i woke up with a fever blister the size of a small country on my lip. and i didn't put any makeup on today, which really doesn't matter to me anyways. and i have been going, going, going for like 14 hours straight now, but it's still be a great day!

our systems analysis project is coming along well.
still quite a bit to do, but i hope everything comes along swimmingly these last couple weeks.
i started my (very short term) computer science gig today. i was hired with a few other guys to do camtasia tutorials for the 1010 class. i had training today and i guess ill start work on my videos on tuesday :)
i worked for about an hour on my oracle assignment; got probably halfway done, but still need to debug a couple things in the morning and finish it up. hopefully i'll be able to finish that before class, though. :)

met with woman club tonight.
i still find myself struggling a lot with past failures and stuff and truly trusting in God's plan for me. i find it very hard to be patient sometimes; but it's great to be surrounded by people who want the best for me and who are going to continue to push me toward pursuing a relationship with Christ rather than pursuing an earthly one.
only God can fill my voids with Himself. no one else can.
it's a hard thing to accept sometimes, but i know that it's for the best.

...i guess i need to have fever blisters and wear no makeup more often. i've felt better today than i have in a while. =]
(ooh, and i got my new converse today! exciting! =D )

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