Sunday, April 11, 2010

listening and understanding God's call to me.

inspiration: just patiently waiting...

i don't really have much to say tonight.
just wanting to give a shout-out to my man, God, for providing and blessing me like He always promises to do.

i got to hear an amazing story from Daniel Doss about his and his wife's adoption process; heard about how im adopted into God's family; spent a wonderful afternoon with Brooke-ulus at Carmen's bridal shower. apparently, i know my famous couples. named 12 out of 18 in a minute and a half :) i won a soap pump, which was awesome, but it got broken in transit (probably from my purse...which i also could've won the purse scavenger hunt, but i lost count of how many items i had on the list...); came back and spent 45 mins in the library and got more of my part of our system working for systems analysis :) it felt nice to be productive; then wrapped up my day with Alpha at the Denleys! It's great and I am so blessed to have them, as well as my entire Grace Community Church community in my life! =]

Something that i heard tonight at Alpha, though, is sticking out in my mind. our session tonight centered around the Bible and why we read it and what it's all about. and how God is revealed in it and through it; and how we should live out the words rather than just read them. but the question that is still in my mind is "What is God speaking to me?"

i read His word every morning and often times throughout the day. but what is He saying to me through the devotionals i read? i dont think ive really taken the time to try and hear what He's saying to me.

and not only that, but what is He also trying to reveal to me every single day? what does He want me to know about Him that i'm not understanding?

there are a lot of things going on in my life right now where i probably should rely on Him and trust Him more. but am i? am i listening and understanding what He is calling me to do? i'm wondering i have "selective hearing" and if i do, how is it affecting my relationship with Him....

hmm =/

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