Thursday, April 1, 2010

journey of faith: legit ink!! :)

So today was the day.
I finally got my tattoo.
I absolutely love it!! I can definitely see why people say they're so addictive.
But mine, totally, took less than five minutes to do. Didn't hurt that much at all after the initial sting. But I'm so excited :)

This means so much to me.

I've wanted faith on my wrist for a long time, but never got it. For the longest time, I was told that I didn't need a tattoo and I was really put down for wanting one in the first place. But after that whole phase ended, I realized that it was something that I truly wanted. And after having been through everything I've been through and through overcoming so many obstacles since last October until now, I realize just how important my faith is to me and how much of an impact it has had on me.

I got a lot of heat about it because "it's permanent". But guess what? This is more than just "ink" to me. It's a permanent mark of my faith. Not only marked on my wrist in permanent ink, but also in my heart through the blessings of God. =] It will never leave me. It's THAT important to me that I am not ashamed to have it permanently marked on my body.

I have overcome a lot of guilt, anxiousness (anxiety, i guess, is the actual word ;)), feelings of worthlessness, and frustration over the last few months, and especially over the last week. i'm proud that i've been able to move on with my life and to begin to focus on what's truly important to me now: my faith in Christ!

I have such amazing friends that I am so thankful for :)

God Bless everyone. Thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks especially for your prayers and support!! :)

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