Thursday, April 22, 2010

i'll be by your side...


i feel so overwhelmed with balancing school, systems analysis, work and friends. i haven't blogged hardly at all lately and when i do, i feel like i don't have much to say.

But God has been working so diligently in my heart lately. this time last week, i was pretty much miserable and feeling like such a failure. i had put so much stock and energy into a guy who rarely even returned a text message, let alone granting me the respect i feel like i deserve.

but now, im a brand new person (again). i've been renewed. my strength and spirit have done a complete 180 and i'm happy to be single. i keep hearing "this is the best time of your life" and i'm ready to live out the best years of my life. i'm ready to enjoy my season of singleness (not by being crazy, but by being practical and to just bring glory to God in all the ways i can as a single person). if and when my time comes to be married to a God-fearing, Christ-centered man, i will embrace the challenges, struggles, and joys of being Christ's name glory through marriage.

...but before i get ahead of myself, this is MY time with God. this is a time i will celebrate and rejoice in all He has blessed me with. :)

on an exciting note:
1. ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS OF SYSTEMS ANALYSIS!! it's been a greatly stressful experience, but i've learned a lot. i've grown as a student, leader, and communicator. and as much as i complain about the course, i've kind of enjoyed it. could project management/systems analyst be a future career path for me? hmm....we'll have to see....

2. i bought my ticket to see Tenth Avenue North in concert on June 11th. unfortunately, i have to also work Summer Welcome that morning, but i will have an extra "pep in my step" that day because TAN is AMAZING and i LOVE their music! :)

3. i have amazing, amazing friends. hands down, the best around. i LOVE them :) they've been so supportive and great through all my hardships and times of struggle and weariness.

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