Tuesday, April 6, 2010

giving up the pen.

inspiration: When God Writes Your Love Story

so im reading When God Writes Your Love Story. i've had it for a while, but haven't made time to read it until a couple days ago. i've read the first part "The Author of Romance: Giving God the pen". so far im enjoying reading it. i just still struggle with giving Him the pen.

i feel like i struggle so much with setting it down and then running back to pick it up. you know the feeling? like when you know you have to give something up and so you give it up for like a day, then realize you really really really need it...that's me. with the "pen" of my love story. i want to write it; but i know ultimately that God can script it much more eloquently than me.

i've made a lot of mistakes in relationships. i know that.
and knowing that, i know that the pen is in much better hands with God. i know that His love story will be more beautiful than mine. i know that the story called "Nikki Eidson" will be beautiful as it plays out. and realizing these things and getting these little "reminders" to relinquish my control to God always encourages me.

right now, i feel like i have to wake up every morning and say "God, here is my pen today". it's not something i feel like ive completely surrendered fully. but every day that i'm able to "give Him the pen", so to speak, i feel encouraged. i know that one day, God WILL bless me with my husband. and i know that i need to enjoy my time of singleness because it's in this season that i am growing closer and closer to Him. :)

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