Tuesday, April 27, 2010

falling together.

inspiration: i feel so much better...

over the last few weeks, things have really seemed to fall together. despite the stress, long nights, bad days, and emotional rollercoaster rides, ive really learned to cherish those crappy moments. if i hadn't been through so much pain, i would've never realized how happy i could be.

1. system is almost done.
after spending the last month pouring myself into learning microsoft access and vba and trying to design and debug a database system, it's finally almost done. we got the buttons put on the forms. all there is left to do is double-check the functionality of all the switchboards, and i think we'll be good to go!

still have to put the finishing touches on the system, meet with dr. myers at 11AM thursday, put together a powerpoint, final presentations on friday at 8AM, and then user manual due by may 6th.

but things with the system have definitely fallen together. im so proud of our group and our system. hope all goes well with the grading though.

2. money isn't everything.
financial woes have hit me hard over the last probably two weeks. and despite my worries about it, i feel like God will truly provide for me this summer. this will be the first time in a very long time where i'll truly have to trust in Him to provide for me...especially during may and june.

3. i have a great family.
parents, friends, and church family, alike. im so blessed.
i got to babysit (and i use that very loosely) for the Denleys tonight and im so blessed. =] i had a TON of fun and it was just an awesome opportunity to give back to a family that gives so much to us. :)

4. my season of singleness has only truly begun
ive been single for almost 7 months, but i really feel like it's just begun. im truly "free" and i absolutely love where im at right now. when the semester is finally over and im working and (hopefully) volunteering, i know that i'll truly be living out my special calling. :) trusting God is easy for me in some situations, but in this particular situation (aka the realm of relationships), it's ridiculously hard. but every day is a new day. a new chance to learn and grow and strengthen in trust. :) im blessed and im grateful for every single opportunity!

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