Sunday, April 25, 2010


inspiration: randomness.

"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future." --Oscar Wilde
i heard that last week at Alpha and i haven't forgotten it.
my past isn't the most pleasant, but my future is lookin' bright :)

"Patience is a virtue.
there are certain people and certain situations where i consciously have to bite my tongue, swallow my pride, and force myself to just keep the lips zipped. ive butted heads quite a bit with several people over the last few months and i hate it. im not a confrontational person by nature, but there are just certain times when my frustration and anger just overflow. im working on striking the balance between being a doormat and being a dictator. systems analysis has been the biggest test in this, by far. and even though this semester is almost over (thank goodness), there is still a long road ahead that to be paved with patience...

the semester is almost over!

i want to invest in a bike
i would love to have one just to cruise the neighborhood in; maybe commute to work on pretty days. but i dont have the guts or funds to make that initial investment. i just wish i was in a better place, financially, to do all the things i want to do...

...speaking of finances
ive been awful about my finances. im ashamed and embarrassed about it. im looking into getting a third part-time job over the summer. im reluctant to do so because im afraid i wont have the flexibility i want (seeing as i want to relax, volunteer, and have a social life), but i guess i need to continue to just seek counsel and hope an opportunity comes around that will allow me some flexibility while helping me stay on top of my bills...

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