Tuesday, March 23, 2010

party in the usa.

inspiration: i just need to dance.

so, i'm listening to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" because I, honestly, just need to dance. i've been so stressed, jealous, mad, upset, and just downright obnoxious lately. i feel like ive been so "Nikki-centric" and i just need to relax and look on the bright side:

in the past week, i've:

  • finished Design Phase for Systems Analysis

  • been invited to join Phi Kappa Phi (an all-discipline honor society; i was recognized because i am in the top 7.5% of my class. i have a 3.89 GPA and i'm definitely proud of myself!)

  • determined i'm going to get a tattoo on my birthday

  • made my birthday plans (tattoo and then backyard burger) :)

  • listened to the Passion: Awakening CD which has awakened my soul again for Christ. i miss Passion 2010 so much. that was an amazing time.

  • experienced God's beauty in the lovely weather

  • been blessed by Kristin who offered to pay for my blazer to be dry-cleaned since a bird decided to poop on it :(

and i have so much to look forward to:

  • Design Phase Presentation on thursday

  • spending the entire weekend with my parents! =) since i've been volunteering at Grace, i've only been home on friday and part of saturday. so i'm definitely looking forward to spending the weekend with them

  • my birthday is next thursday! twenty one

  • my registration/orientation assistant interview is april 8. hopefully i'll be able to represent APSU again this summer :)

  • phi kappa phi induction is april 13

i'm so blessed. and sometimes, i get so wrapped up in "me, me, me", that i forget it's not about me. it's about God, God, God!! :)

so i dedicate a moment of dancing and celebration for all my blessings!
**so i put my hands up, they're playin' my song and the butterflies fly away**


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