Saturday, March 13, 2010

over it. trusting Him.

inspiration: im over it.

im not sure what exactly "it" is. but it's whatever is going on that's keeping me from giving my absolute ALL to God. it's been stress; it's been boys (well A boy); it's been systems analysis; it's been just complacency. and i'm over it.

i'm not okay being "complacent" in my relationship with God. i want DEEPLY DESIRE to be on fire for Him. He deserves my all. He deserves my heart. This week has been so laid back and I have had a whole lot of time to do a whole lot of nothing that I've fallen out of my routine with God.

But I'm about to start a brand new week. Clean slate.
I've made up my mind.
No more boy drama.
No more stressing over things I cannot control.
[I'd say no more systems analysis, but I can't get rid of that until May 7]
Now that Spring Break is over, i'm going to settle back into my hectic routine (that i love). No more sleeping in. No more being lazy. But a whole lot more room for God in my heart and soul.

I'm trusting in Him to satisfy my needs and desires.
I'm trusting in Him to comfort me and strengthen me.
I'm trusting in Him to keep me rooted and established in His word.
I'm trusting in Him completely. :)

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