Wednesday, March 31, 2010

journey of faith: day seven recap

inspiration: less than 24 hours until i get my tattoo :)


  • got a 91 on my Oracle test! :)

  • still making progress on my systems analysis stuff; i estimate i'm about a third of the way done with what i am responsible for

  • today, i got a lot of the financial aid's visitor log system working :) that's very exciting

  • i have an interview, hopefully, tomorrow for a job in the computer science department

  • i've studied for my systems analysis quiz. hoping i do well on it tomorrow.

  • outlined my i need to get jobs to cover those expenses =P

  • beautiful weather. and it's supposed to get up to 80 tomorrow! woot woot!

  • reconnecting with an old friend

today was, yet another, awesome day!
i have so many blessings and wonderful things to praise God all those things above, plus so many more!

i'm still trying to place and keep my hope in God. it's so easy for me to place my hope in a person and to get my hopes up and to get let down. i'm trying to avoid those situations, especially when it comes to relationships, because i know that God will place whoever he wants me to be with on His timetable.

i'm still incredibly anxious about relationships, but i know that the right person will come into my life when he is meant to. it's hard to be patient with such an impatient and longing heart, but i trust fully in His plans for me. right now, i feel like He is calling me to some bigger plans than a relationship, and i want to be fully in tune with His heart :)

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