Sunday, March 28, 2010

journey of faith: day four recap

inspiration: beaten and bruised, i'll still fight my demons to bring God's name praise.


  • God's grace

  • amazing family

  • great friends

  • Grace Community Church

  • encouragement from Dr. Denley

today has been a rough day.
i would like to blame it on the weather (cuz it's rainy and gloomy), but i know that it's not that. it's my pride and emotions. i wrote earlier about some frustrations i've been experiencing. after getting some things off my chest, i feel a lot better, but i'm still struggling with being okay with where i am right now.

(One thing that did make me feel better was a comment that Dr. Denley made on my Facebook status earlier:
Status: "Nikki Eidson needs a nap, chicken noodle soup, and a confidence boost. in that order. so off to accomplish number one."
Comment: "As to the third one: I hear so many wonderful things said about your work that I'm surprised you need it."

I really did need that. To be appreciated for something. So that made me feel really good :) )

i missed going to Grace this morning since i was home, but i just listened to the podcast of the sermon. It was a great message and i'm sad i missed hearing it live. but it was a great message that i needed to hear.

God is in control.

He has a plan for me.
He wants us to trust Him and to have faith in the moments where we are seemingly out of control.

Things will work out how God has planned them to. I have to stand firm in my faith and trust in His plans and purposes (and whomever He will bless me with as my future husband). Days like this will continue to build my faith in Him. He will provide me with everything I need. He will comfort me and protect me. He will strengthen me.

He is in control :)

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