Monday, March 29, 2010

journey of faith: day five recap

inspiration: friends make life amazing.


  • beautiful weather

  • making progress on systems analysis implementation

  • awesome friends

  • heather for attempting to teach me how to play the violin (even though i probably made her ears bleed. lol)

  • kelsey for her jokes

  • an amazing small group

So today was definitely an AWESOME day!
i got up, went to class, worked, became an asian stereotype (will explain) and laughed my face off at small group. :)

so my genius-photography friend heather needed a model for a narrative project for her photography class. and so i was her model and the narrative was about me dreaming of playing my (wait for it) breakout solo violin concert! *BAM*

haha. and just for the record, i cannot play the violin to save my life. and that is the honest truth. but i hope i faked it well enough for her to get a good grade on her project :)

and then tonight's small group was awesome!
it started when kelsey faceplanted in the doorway (after having a car-ride discussion about tripping and falling). then we listened to an intense podcast about Calvinism, Arminianism (sp?), and Palagianism (sp?) and discussed our thoughts about some theological issues. i'm still just trying to process all of it.
and then heather, kelsey, and i had the post-Bible study discussion about the big bang theory, the office, modern family, and how i met your mother.

and now i am about to make my first late-night-walmart-run since freshman year. ooh, i'm excited. now i'll have more in my fridge than a container of expired cream cheese!! ;)

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