Sunday, March 21, 2010

im not okay being comfortable.

inspiration: Ron's sermon.

Today at Grace Community Church, the sermon was about "getting comfortable".

Something we face in every part of our lives is the feeling of settling down and comfortable. We sit back and take for granted the little things; it goes for school, work, and even our spiritual lives. We sort of lose our initial passion and we become complacent with what we have or know.

This is something I KNOW I struggle with a lot! I get comfortable; I turn inward toward what I'm doing rather than reaching outward and trying to share my life and faith with others. A lot of times, living life by faith and walking with Christ is not easy. And it's not going to be. We're not meant to have all the answers. and, I know for me personally, the fear of not having all the right answers regarding my faith makes it very easy to just turn and walk away.

And a quote that Ron used (I have no clue where he got this from, but I really liked it):

"You should not seek to confirm the will of God with the absence of adversity."
--Author unknown by me

He illustrated that above quote with some scripture from Joshua 7:7-10...

Sometimes, I just want to say "What if we had just stayed where it was comfortable?" or "Why didn't I just ignore God and just done this instead?" Sometimes, I want to throw my hands in the air when it gets tough. I just want to give up and say "Ya know what? Screw it." (sorry for that outburst, but that's genuinely how I feel sometimes). I've had several instances where I get SERIOUSLY selfish and think to myself "If I had just ignored God's tugging at my heart, I would have josh (my ex, not to be confused with the one from the Bible. Lol.) back and I'd be happy."

But obviously, the tugging on my heart and my desire to glorify Him over fulfilling my selfish human want for companionship was God's wake-up call for me to endure hardships for His name (Him, not me). And it's hard most of the time (like in my case, 99.9% of the time) to not give up, to keep enduring.

But God has a plan for us. We are called to face trials and tests and perhaps persecution in order to bring His name fame. We don't do that when we're comfortable. In our comfortable moments, we tend to be focused on "self" (well, at least, I know I do. I tend to have the mindset of "I'm in control", which we all know is NOT true!) And today was a great reminder of that.

God doesn't want us to be comfortable.
He wants us to be constantly pursuing Him and leading others to Christ, too. :)

And just to include it because it was our closing song (and it rocks and I hardcore LOVE it!)

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