Saturday, February 13, 2010

my thoughts on valentine's day.

inspiration: Single Awareness Day is tomorrow.

so i'm going to be incredibly candid about my thoughts on Valentine's Day.
it's not just because i'm single that i feel this way (although, that may have some influence, i guess). it's not that i'm upset i don't have someone for "this particular day"; the thing that gets me is the fact that i don't have someone to share and create memories with on the other 364 days.

Reason #1:

i hate the concept of it.
i don't hate the gifts, per se. but i just hate the concept of it. to me, it's become a huge commercialized holiday. a way for chocolate companies, jewelry stores, and Hallmark to make big money. and not that i dislike chocolate, jewelry, and Hallmark card, because i don't.

but my point is, if you're truly in love with someone, you'll find some way to express that love every. single. day. and even if you're not in love, you'll express some sort of appreciation for a person every. single. day.

so what makes February 14 so special? shouldn't we be expressing love and appreciation on January 16 and May 19 and all the other 362 days (or 363 days on a leap year ;] ) of the year.

Reason #2:

i hate it because i would honestly prefer to get a handwritten folded piece of computer paper that has "i love you" written in crayon. Valentine's Day has become so dependent on mass-marketed sentiments and gifts rather than taking the time to MAKE something from the heart.

to me, receiving a homemade gift means more in the world to me than an expensive gift. i LOVE knowing someone put time, thought, and energy in creating something truly from the heart. (i guess that feeling just comes from the fact that i LOVE making stuff for people. i'm horrible at buying gifts for people, so i just make stuff.)

Love needs to be expressed every single day. Not just on February 14th.

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