Wednesday, February 3, 2010

...let me do this first.

inspiration: AQUA!

so last night, Grace Community Church's College Ministry gathered together for our monthly event called Aqua. And it was amazing! Great worship, great sermon from Brandon. God's presence was definitely known.

Brandon's sermon was about how we tend to use the phrase "Let me do this first..." and and how we treat our relationship with Christ like a game. This is something that is definitely relevant to me. Especially the first part.

"Let me do this first..."
We've all said it at some point. Mom wants us to run an errand or dad wants us to take out the trash, but we're in the middle of playing a game or watching our favorite TV show. So we say "Let me finish this game" or "I'll do it when my show goes off."

How often do we say this to God? How often do we want to control our lives by saying "I'll do this first, THEN I'll follow you God. I'll go where you want me to go THEN"

Treating our relationship like Guitar Hero
The second point Brandon made was that sometimes we treat our relationship with Christ like a game. Something we can win, something we can earn...Rather than being in complete surrender to God and His will for us, we think we can "do enough good things" to "win" the "game of Christianity".

Both of these things I'm completely guilty of committing. I strive so much to be "good enough" for the world and that translates into my relationship with God. I try and plan my course rather than just let God have full control of me for His will. I formulate my "two year" or "four year" plans and I plan my semesters and summers for myself, rather than allowing God's plans for me fall into their proper place.

But last night was awesome! I'm looking forward to more AQUA nights :)
God's presence is absolutely amazing at Grace Community Church and it's evident to me in every aspect: worship on Sundays, community groups, AQUA. :)

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