Wednesday, February 24, 2010

happppy days!

inspiration: the sun is shining again.

so i'm slowly healing emotionally. one step at a time. but they're steps in the right direction :) i hurt a little less every day. and for that i am thankful. i must say that i have a lot of people to thank for that though.

Meagan, Kelsey, Joyann, Sharon, Heather, and of course, my main man, Jesus Christ. i've experienced so much love and compassion and support from every single one of you. i really do owe a lot of my happiness to you guys.

and of course, Jesus knows what the true meaning of love really is.

"The world takes us to a silver screen on which flickering images of passion and romance play, and as we watch, the world says, "This is love." God takes us to the foot of a tree on which a naked and bloodied man hangs and says, "THIS is love." (I Kissed Dating Goodbye, 64)

...and the more i think about it, the more i realize that God will bless me one day with the person HE wants me to be with. it's not about me. it's not about my man. it's not about anyone else. it's about GOD being glorified through each one of us. it's about in every situation, whether single or "in a relationship" or married, that God be glorified through us.

i'm a pretty selfish person, i have to admit, but it's always incredibly humbling to know that all my "holes" and filled by God all my "imperfections" and "quirks" are made perfect in Christ. i'm here for a purpose. i like to believe that i'm meant to "complete" someone, somewhere. but most of all, i know my purpose is to glorify Christ in and through my life.

so whether i'm single, dating, or married, God WILL be glorified in my life. in this i have complete and utter confidence.

people change. constantly.
but God is the same. He always has and ALWAYS will be the same.
no matter what we do, His love and compassion is the same. unending and unchanging. grace. it exists forever. so even when i'm the long lost prodigal, trying to get by without Him, God is always waiting, arms open wide, for me to come home.

...and for this, I am extremely grateful.

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