Saturday, February 20, 2010

essence of a woman.

inspiration: Captivating

i'm not a big "read-a-book-a-second-time" kind of person. once i've read it, i'm generally over it. the novelty is gone. even if it's a really good book, reading it a second time isn't the same.

but Captivating is different. i read it once (right after walking away from a friendship with a person i loved -- and still deeply care about...a decision i felt i had to make and the hardest thing i've had to do. ever.) and i'm re-reading it again (after attempting to rebuild a friendship with that person. and my attempt being rejected.)

Captivating is one of those books that i know 100000% that i'll pick up on things that i "missed" the first time. things will speak differently to me than they did the first time because i'm in a different place in life. i have a different outlook on life and relationships, too. i'm a different person.

i've only re-read the first like two chapters and the concepts haven't changed. but a couple things that i absolutely have truly taken to heart:

Women long for three things:

  • to be romanced

  • to plan an irreplaceable role in a great adventure

  • to unveil beauty

...and this makes a lot of sense to me because we (women) were created in the image of God and God desires the same things. and it even applies to the desires of men: they are the desires of God.

First, you'll discover that God is relational to his core, that he has a heart for romance. Second, that he longs to share adventures with us -- adventures you cannot accomplish without him. And finally, God has a beauty to unveil. A beauty that is captivating and powerfully redemptive (p. 26).

this makes so much sense to me and it makes me feel so special. i'm not just "some woman" that wants "to be loved and pursued". i share the same desires that God does. i was created in His image to be captivating. i was created to glorify Him and i am special because no one could ever do what i am created to do.

You were made to fill a purpose
that only you could do
there could never be a more beautiful you.
--"More Beautiful You", Jonny Diaz
i am a beautiful creation of God.
my heart reflects the desires of God.
i am captivating.
and that makes me special. :)

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  1. I am glad you got something out of this book Nikki. I would caution you as to John and Stasi's theology however. His books contain enough good theology to carefully mask some of the bad things he has to say. I would like to point out four of his major flaws: First,his books such as Wild at Heart and Waking the Dead border on the edge of heresy because of how they deny the omnipotence of God be calling him a risk taker. Second, he also preaches the ideal of personal experience validating the Bible instead of the other way around. This is fundamentally wrong because as Christians we are always to look to the Bible and Christ for validation, not our experiences. Third, John has a tendency to preach that you should "follow your heart". This is a very dangerous way of living as our hearts are innately sinful and part of our fallen state - they are the reason Christ had to come and save us in the first place. Our hearts cannot be trusted as long as we are in our human state, instead we must look to the Bible and to Christ for our guidance - never ourselves. Finally, He also has a fundamental problem in the area of leaning too much toward touchy feely Christianity that does not put the Bible first which is inherent of the Emerging Church movement he is a part of.

    The above things and more are part of the reason why my dad and his friend helped keep John out of Focus on the Family while they worked there and why they proposed work along with other christian theologians such as Os Guinness, James Sire, J.I. Packer, and others, to write a book questioning the Emerging Church movement.

    I do not mean in anyway to invalidate your writing here or to bash your personal gain from his book. I simply encourage us all to read his work with a critical mind when it comes to theology as we should with all books.

    Your friend,