Saturday, February 27, 2010

"don't you know you're beautiful?"

inspiration: Kellie Pickler's song "Don’t You Know You're Beautiful", Jonny Diaz's "More Beautiful You" and Captivating

I know from personal experience that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to look in the mirror and feel like you're special, like you're worth "something". The world builds us up only to tear us down. We're fragile beings. But take it from me, if you are a woman, you should NEED to hear/read this:


This is the truth.
Whether you've been told this before (which I hope you have) or not and whether you believe it (which I hope you do) or not, this is the absolute truth.

1. You are created in God's image.

I've been told many times before, "God don't make junk." and while I may have brushed this off with a light chuckle, it's important to realize this and to be strengthened in God for creating you in HIS image.

2. You are created for a purpose.

Women have a universal purpose. We've been "conditioned" to believe otherwise, in some cases, but it is my belief that women were created to be caregivers, nurturers, life-bringers, and "companion" to men. (I'll expand on my use of quotes in a second). Eve was created because God knew it wasn't good for man to be alone (see Genesis 2:18). I use "companion" very loosely, because it is my understanding and my opinion that companion is not a good enough word. A dog can be a companion, but a dog doesn't fit the mold that women were created for.(I mean, a man may choose a dog over a woman but a dog can only fill so much of a man's heart).

Women and men alike are created to reflect the image and heart of God (you can check out my "Essence of a Woman" post here), but as men and women, we do so differently. One of the most important things, I think, to realize is that we are beautiful creatures. Every single woman is beautiful! The world tells us differently (and often in cruel, harsh ways), but what keeps me going is knowing that I'm God's creation. "God don't make junk!!!"

People will tell you differently. People will pour out their criticisms on you to break you down. People will tell you "You're not pretty enough. You're not skinny enough. You're too _______ or not ________" You can insert just about any adjective in those blanks and you've got a recipe for a true self-esteem crusher. Trust me, I've heard my fair share of "You're nots" and "You're too" statements. It never feels good; in fact, it's broken me down before.

But "God don't make junk". You reflect God's beauty. Look around you. Look at the flowers (well, the ones that haven't been eaten alive by the cold or covered in snow). Look at the sky. Sit down one evening and watch the sun set (or get up early and watch it rise). Everywhere around us, you'll see God's beauty. But we are the absolute capstone of His beauty. Flowers and sunsets are beautiful , but they don't hold a candle to a woman who can worship, praise, and glorify their Creator!

But we also are created for a special purpose. We all have our unique characteristics that we bring to the world. Our smiles, our humor, our everything (I like to call our less-desirable characteristics "our quirks" ;)) But God has a plan for each of us. God has created us for a special purpose. We must trust in His plans because He has it all under control. I've tried hard to "control" my own life, and it has worn me out and broken me down. In those moments where I tried to take this whole "life" thing into my own hands, I've found that I'm not "good enough". God loves us far more than we ever give him credit for. But He truly does have unique and special plans for us.

3. We are God's daughters.

I am a "Daddy's Girl". Like hardcore, Daddy's girl. I knew growing up (and still now in my "adult" years -- man, that's weird to say) how much my dad loves me and cherishes me. Not to say I was a perfect child (I know, hard to believe, right? ;) ), but even when I did mess up, my dad and mom both disciplined me but also showed the mercy, compassion, and grace as well. So when I was older and was able to evaluate my mistakes and such, I was also able to learn and grow from those experiences. Being raised with a good understanding of discipline and grace is probably a huge factor in the strength of the relationship I share with God.

But we don't all have those kind of experiences with our parents (and especially our dads). I've read several books in which the author will say a damaged relationship with their earthly father has adversely affected their relationship dynamic with God.

But something every single girl/woman should NEEDS to hear and understand is this: We are God's daughters. He cherishes us greatly. He desires our absolute best. He wants our passion and beauty and love to shine. He genuinely does. "God don't make junk!" He absolutely adores and treasures us. We'll make mistakes and we'll stray away from Him, but He extends His love and mercy to us in a way that we will NEVER fully comprehend. John 3:16 dictates that love.

We are cherished and delighted in. God cherishes us as His daughters. He will always provide for us, He will always forgive us. But most of all, He will ALWAYS love us with the love that only a father knows.

4. We possess a strength that most men don't.

We, in general, are relational to our core. We, sometimes, get a bad rep because we're "too emotional" (here we go with those "too" and "not" statements…), but our emotions reflect God's heart, too. We want to know we're delighted in, that we're loved, that someone cares; God wants our love, our desire, our passion, too. Our relationships with others are important to us. We are able to relate and "open up" more so than men. We relate to each other on levels that men don't. (I won't say "can't", because some men do, and that's wonderful! But men are "wired" completely differently!)

Women shouldn't accept the "too emotional" statements as an insult (they may hurt, but turn that energy into something positive). We should take it as "I am relational to my core and that's okay! I am created in God's glorious image. God don't make junk!"

So to every woman reading this: every daughter, every mother, every wife, every sister, every friend, take this to heart:

You are worthy!

You are beautiful!!!

The world may have a tainted view of you because we live in an imperfect world. But God is perfect and God don't make junk. And that's completely true.

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