Friday, February 19, 2010

blessed beyond imagination.

inspiration: a new outlook.

if you had told me at the beginning of this week "on friday, your confidence will be at an almost all-time high", i probably would've killed over laughing. at the beginning of this week, i was dealing with some a lot of confusion, struggle, and pain. i was disgusted with life and relationships. i was mad; i was upset; i was hurt.

but after a few good conversations (and especially Meagan, my amaaaazing small group leader), i've definitely been able to see the brighter side of life and love. i've started telling myself i'm beautiful and i'm loved (because I am). i've been thanking God for everything I'm given (because He blesses, even when we're undeserving). i've been praying for "my man" (because he is out there). i've been truly blessed.

the sun is shining today.
my heart isn't hurting as badly today.
i'm treating myself to dinner tonight.
i'm going to watch (what i hope turns out to be) a good movie tonight.
i'm re-reading Captivating and this time taking notes.

i can really see the upside of heartache now. i've made mistakes, lots of 'em. and i've been hurt. and i continue to make mistakes and i continue to hurt, but time is healing all wounds (not to mention good music, good friends, and an amazing God!).

i'm learning, maturing, and growing in my relationship with God. i'm taking small steps to overcome all the pain and struggles of my past.

I truly am blessed!

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  1. I'm soooooo happy you're happy Nikki!!!!


    Life is always better with a smile on your face :)