Thursday, December 17, 2009

the value of 2009.

inspiration: Pastor Ron's "5 Principles Learned from Disappointment

in terms of my faith: EPIC FAIL!

For the first 9 months of this year, I lived a self-sufficient, self-gratifying, selfish (man...there's a lot of "self"s there...) lifestyle. I didn't live to serve others (not even with Josh, who I was dating and in love with!) and certainly not to serve God.

  • It wasn't until October (when Josh and I broke up) that I learned what the words "I love you" truly mean.

  • It wasn't until mid-November that I started reading and indulging into truly getting to know who God is.

  • It wasn't until December that I made the choice to put God first!

  • It wasn't until today (December 17, 2009), that I chose to try and put "me" and "my emotions" aside to see the value of my disappointing year:

2009 - The Positives:

  1. I learned the true meaning of love

  2. I learned how to work through negative emotions (guilt, frustration, resentment, and the like) and to not allow them to burden my relationships/friendships/life.

  3. I started reading the Bible! =D

  4. I've started putting my relationship with God at the forefront of my life. I strive to follow the example of Christ

  5. I've surrounded myself with a number of small groups and people who genuinely love me and help keep me accountable in my faith :)

  6. I've been forced to think ahead and really think about the values and attributes I want my future relationships to contain

  7. I've learned the value of friendship and unconditional love♥

  8. I've learned to stand up for myself...and, also, how to humble myself (if only I knew this before October...)

  9. I did something remarkable: SKYDIVING!

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