Thursday, December 10, 2009

no longer self-sufficient.

Inspiration: Francis Chan & Forgotten God

At some point (though I cannot recall where or from whom), I read or heard the term "self-sufficient" used to describe some Christians. That term meaning this: those who think that can "get by" without God. They live their lives, not living truly for God, only calling on Him when they're in trouble and need to be "bailed out", so-t0-speak. I always wrote that term off. I never took a step back to realize that I had become truly "self-sufficient" in almost every way possible. Until recently (and by recently, I mean, like a week ago).

"I believe He is calling me -- and all of us -- to depend on Him for living in a way that cannot be mimicked or forged." --Francis Chan, Forgotten God (143)

I came to realize about a week ago, that I was not living a life that truly reflected God. I came to realize that I was putting other things and other people before God, and that shouldn't be the case. After all, God calls us to put HIM first (see the First Commandment). I came to realize that I had been walking down a path where I thought I could "make" it on my own. I made everything about me, with no regard to His plan, His love, or having a true relationship with Him. I tried to "skirt" by...

This post by Ben Reed, a leader at Grace Community Church, was written a day after I took the first step to putting God first. This first step encompassed ending a friendship that meant the absolute world to me; but that one friendship was truly hindering me from living completely for God. This first step was an absolute emotional nightmare, and the pain still resounds now, but I know that I did it for the right reason: to end my cycle of "self-sufficiency".

I don't want to live a comfortable life.
I don't want to "just get by".
I don't want to be "filled up to the brim".

I want to overflow!
I want to be tested.
I want to know that without-a-doubt that I am living for God because He is the most important Person in my life.

I don't want to live for His blessings and His rewards.
I want to live for Him because He is the Creator of all things & He is the Sustainer of Life!
I don't want to be "self-sufficient" any longer.

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